Nach (1 litre)*

Milan Nestarec
Regions: Moravia
Wine Type: Red
Vintage: 2020
Bottle Size: 1000ml
Alcohol: 12%
€24,67 per litre

Milan Nestarec: I'm super fond of red wines from the Jura: they’re sort of the underdogs when compared to the famous whites from the same region. Moravia is a similar story, although it’s maybe more due to a lack of confidence – if you spent some time around here, you’d have necesarilly heard that phrase “we can't make a decent red in Moravia, there's just not enough sun here”.

This always makes my blood boil, because we actually do have a gem on our hands here: light-bodied, fun reds with good acidity. Just stop longing for those flashy fleshy Chilean / Southern reds and be happy with the beauty available at your doorstep...

I'm biased, obviously, since I’ve been drinking the typical rural Moravian red since I was a kid - before the dawn of new oak barrels, de-acidifiers, tannins and all the other BS covering the sense of place in our wines. But I wanted to put the normal, juicy Moravian red back in the spotlight.

So voila Nach, named after its colour (= purple in Czech). The 2020 vintage is a blend of Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch, and newly also St.Laurent, a grape I love and would love to see around more. Aged in big (3000l) neutral oak barrels, bottled in a healthy measure of one liter.

The idea here is to have wine that you can drink with literally everyone, be they natural wine fans or haters. (I sometimes joke that I make this wine so that I have something to drink with my Bílovice neighbours.)

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Milan Nestarec - Nach (1 litre)*
€24,67 per litre

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