Grapes: Palomino Fino
Country: Spain
Wine Type:White
Vintage: 2018
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.50%
€60,13 per litre
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Lumiere by Muchada Leclapart is a natural wine made in Andalusia with 100% Palomino Fino grapes from 65 year old vines. Fermented and vinified in used Bordeaux barrels (from 2013) for 9-10 months.

THIS LUMIERE WINE TASTES AMAZING. Powerful, yet refined. Expressive and bold. A gastronomic wine that really hits the spot.

Muchada-Léclapart is the project of David Léclapart (famed French producer of Champagne) and Alejandro Muchada (winegrower from Cádiz) in “Marco de Jerez”, a historic wine region, located on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, where Sherry production is famed. Together they are implementing the experience and knowledge of David in chemical-free & holistic agriculture as well as the French school of good winemaking.

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Muchada Léclapart - Lumiere
€60,13 per litre

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