Sherbet Daydream (alcohol free)

MURI Drinks
Country: Denmark
Wine Type:Alcohol-Free
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 0.5%
€25,65 per litre
We can't ship wines to the USA but recommend our American friends MYSA Wine!

MURI Drinks - Sherbet Daydream (alcohol free) is a so called Proxy wine crafted by MURI Drinks, in Denmark. This one is an effervescent blend of redcurrant wine, pickled rhubarb, douglas fir, and juniper berry kefir.

As its fermented, this drink is 0.5% alcohol, which is the same alcohol percentage as a ripe Banana.

Watch our Video tasting Proxy Wines here

We ship every Wednesday. Order by Tuesday 10am.

MURI Drinks - Sherbet Daydream (alcohol free)
€25,65 per litre

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