Grapes: Kyoho
Country: Japan
Wine Type:Sparkling
Vintage: 2019
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 10%
€43,00 incl. 19% MwSt GermanyClick to change country.
€57,33 per litre
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PetNat by Nakajima is a natural wine made in Nagano with Kyoho grapes.

MORE Tasting Notes:

THIS WINE TASTES INCREDIBLE... and it a Chameleon!

It really evolves when the bubbles subside!

What starts out as a tropical pet nat with notes of Lychee, Melon and Kombucha (!) you'll notice changes whent he bubbles subside (and you are actually encouraged to drink then at room temperature from the label on the back!), to become more savoury.

One the bubbles go, expect flavours like Fermented Carrot, Toffee Candy, Wax, Grapefruit and Fizzy Lemon Sweets alongside many other impressions you'll enjoy discovering.

TOTALLY MINDBLOWING to experience and broaden what your perception of wine flavours can be.


Yutaka Nakajima is a skilled and humble craftsman with an eye for simple beauty, producing hard-to-find wines in the basement of his house high up in the mountains.

This pét-nat is made from the Japanese hybrid variety Kyoho, a common table grape grown by farmers in the region.

After harvest, the large juicy berries are dried in the shade for about three weeks and then pressed and fermented without skin contact – the peach-pink nuance is the natural colour of the grape flesh.

The result offers lots of exotic fruits and tart red berries which, with time, develops into a deep savoury flavour.

No added sulphites.

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Nakajima (JAPAN) - PetNat
€43,00 incl. 19% MwSt GermanyClick to change country.
€57,33 per litre

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