Grapes: Ojaleshi
Country: Georgia
Wine Type:Rose
Vintage: 2020
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12%
€27,45 per litre
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Naked Ojaleshi 2020 by Oda Family Marani is a natural wine made in Samegrelo, Georgia with Ojaleshi grapes.

In 2015, Keto Ninidze and her husband Zaza Gagua decided to leave Tbilisi and to move with their two daughters to the small Megrelian town Martvili, where in the 1930s Zara's great-grandfather had built a traditional wooden house with a terrace on all sides.

This old type of house is called Oda. Since this house and the surrounding land mean a lot to Keto, she decided to give her winery the name Oda Family Winery. Keto is fully aware of her role as a woman in a male-dominated winemaker scene.

She calls her Rosé wine Naked Ojaleshi - and it is not by accident that the label on the bottle shows two naked women: one is entwined with vines, self-determined, stylish, and alluring, the other -- crammed into a barrel-like cage. The caption reads as follows: Terroir vs. Terror - wine can therefore also address important social issues.

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Oda Family Marani - Naked Ojaleshi 2020
€27,45 per litre

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