Grapes: Chardonnay
Country: Croatia
Regions: Istria
Wine Type: Orange
Vintage: 2010
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 13.50%
€62,00 per litre
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Roxanich make very expressive, long elevage wines in Croatia. These wines are rich and oppulent.
Notes from Supplier:

Sara 2010 is a long aged Chardonnay. Decent amount of maceration time. Is it an orange wine? Technically, yes, but I guess we think of it more as a matured & developed white. Not kids stuff in the least. Dried apricots, dried mangoes, but also Iodine? Suede? Oak! 2010 was a hot year, and this wine is hot too! Just like the others in the series, named after one of the winemaker's daughters. We are guessing Sara is the second oldest, if only because of the hint of desire for fun that lingers underneath the mature exterior.

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Roxanich - Sara 2010
€62,00 per litre

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