Grapes: Avgoustiatis
Country: Greece
Regions: Samos
Wine Type: Red
Vintage: 2018
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 11.5%
€48,00 per litre

Sous le Végétal is a collaborative wine project by Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju. The aim is to highlight rare grape varitals & different expressions of the grape 'Muscat Blanc á Petits Grains' with different slopes and terroir on the Greek island of Samos, located close to Turkey.  

This light red wine is truly sensational. Super smooth and full of character, with earthy notes a bit similar to an Alsace/Jura red. Twirls of clove, dried prune, vanilla, star anise, wood ash and jarred cherries. 

Amazing stuff!

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Sous le Végétal - Auguste 2018
€48,00 per litre

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