Frauenpower (Edition 3)

Vin De Lagamba
Grapes: DornfelderSilvaner
Country: Germany
Regions: Rheinhessen
Wine Type: Sparkling
Vintage: 2021
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 9.5%
€22,67 per litre

FRAUENPOWER! This third vintage comes from hot female producer Alanna Lagamba, using grapes from young German hotshot Martin Woerner!

This is a super fun wine for a warm afternoon, or nibbles on cheese and charcuterie. It actually tastes like a German Lambrusco!

It’s essentially a fruity, light red with a rounded mouthfeel, yet minimal tannins.

Notes of blackcurrant, grape, cola, fizzy sweets and lime. Ideal to take to the park.

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Vin De Lagamba - Frauenpower (Edition 3)
€22,67 per litre

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