Wine Glass Polishing Cloth

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This wine glass polishing cloth is a real game changer. …seriously, we actually cannot imagine life without it now! Also works excellent on eyewear glasses too!

For best results, polish after cleaning and rinsing glass. Gently wipe glass with fingers and cloth together using your thumb on the other side of the rim.

Not only that, but these awesome quality wine cloths with a MORENATURALWINE logo can also be used for other things:


1) A soft blanket for your pet rat

2) A not very gangsta bandana

3) Carrying Chestnuts you collect on an Autumn walk

4) An emergency handkerchief to blow your kid’s nose

5) A napkin to write your next brilliant idea on

6) A misdirection cloth for your amateur magician’s show

Or you could just use it for drying & polishing your wine glasses to be nice and shiny…

either way, it’s JUST 5.90€

We ship every Wednesday. Order by Tuesday 10am.

Wine Glass Polishing Cloth

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