Glasses 2er Pack with Box

Gabriel Glas
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Hurry… almost sold out!

Have you heard of Gabriel Glasses? Well, we often get asked what glasses we use to enjoy our favourite natural wines...and where to get them.

So we thought, why not offer them to you right here, where you can buy them together with a couple of wines too? So far they have have been very popular and keep selling out fast!

If you do not use thin-lipped wine glasses... let us tell you a secret: OUR WINE LIFE CHANGED WHEN WE GOT PROPER WINE GLASSES!

Seriously... they totally showed us how different a wine can not only taste, but also ‘feel‘ based on the way it hits your tongue.

We 100% recommend that if you like wine... you really need to invest in good glasses with a thin rim

They will not only make great wines excel.. but they will make mediocre wines taste much much better!
We use these glasses for 90% of all wines we drink, including Champagne.

You have probably spotted these glasses in many of our instagram posts & stories too.

This is a set of 2 wine glasses and they come beautifully and safely packed in their own little box. We also sell the glass in a 1er box.

The details: the glasses are machine-made in Austria, the height is 23,5cm, the opening diameter (that's where you drink) is 6,6cm and the largest diameter is 9,5cm at the belly of the glass.

We ship every Wednesday. Order by Tuesday 10am.

Gabriel Glas - Glasses 2er Pack with Box

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