Nicolas Juretic Interview


Nikolas Juretic is being hailed as the new star of Friuli, but preoduction of his 1.5 hectares is only around 6000 bottles each year so don't miss grabbing a bottle when you see one.

Tending his vines with as little damage as possible to ensure maximum life flowing throughout, his vines have an average ago of 50+ years and his plots are considered "Cru's" of Friuli. The soil is mainly made of Limestone, Marl and Sandstone (a perfect mix!) which in the region is known as Ponca, or Flysh. 

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Mostly farming Tocai Friulano, Malvasia Istriana and Ribolla Gialla, the wines of Nikolas Juretic are gaining praise in the natural wine scene where the elegance of the wines show equal love taken in the cellar as well as the vineyards.


INTERVIEW: We sat down with Nikolas Juretic on the outskirts of Karakterre Festival in Burgenland, May 2023 to discuss his winemaking style