Amélie Vuillet & Sébastien Jacques DOCUMENTARY


Whilst recently in the Jura region, we were interested to hear of many growers concerns of the future of the grape Ploussard aka Poulsard...

The warmer temperatures are causing the grapes skin to cook and burst.

 Some Jura winemakers are opting to introduce hybrid grapes, like Didier Grappe, Valentin Morel and Domaine de la Touraize whilst others like Amélie Vuillet and Sébastien Jacques are thinking how to protect the grapes to have more shade, potentially using a Pergola system or alternative branch tying techniques.

This topic is discussed in this new documentary with Amélie Vuillet & Sébastien Jacques, which we feel the natural wine community would value.

We were really quite inspired and impressed visiting them, as they have such clear objectives for their soil health, refusing to use tractors ever and instead opting for a horse which compresses the soil much less.

They can make wine without electricity, and do everything old school, using a simple basket press.

They have innovative ideas on how to protect their Poulsard grapes from sun damage and their vineyards, next to Domaine de Saint Pierre, were absolutely teaming with life.

For those quick enough, there MAY are also be a few wines of theirs left available.

They are quite rare as they state they make just between 1000 and 5000 bottles a year, and refuse to distribute more than 2000km away from France, preferring to keep the majority in a very close proximity to the region as they explain in the documentary.

Get them while you can… these wines are a different style to most Jura.

Fresh, quaffable and juicy.

Amélie Vuillet & Sébastien Jacques JURA WINE

These rare wines sell fast... click here to see if any left!