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A strong focus on biodiversity

Andreas Tscheppe is a biodynamic producer in the Styrian region of Austria. As part of the “Schmecke das Leben” group of producers, focus is on fully expressing the wines through careful cultivation of the land, its wildlife, and as a result the vines.

Situated near the Slovenian border, the vineyard is characterized by steep terraces up to 500 meters high, and is bursting with life - from herbs and grasses to insects. Attention to the impressive biodiversity there has even led to Tscheppe naming his wines after some of the creatures and featuring them on the labels.

Minimal intervention, maximum expression

Tscheppe works primarily with whites Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gelber Muskateller. The wines really set the pace when it comes to maturing before being released - Andreas and his wife Elisabeth only “accompany” their development in the cellar. Tscheppe wines are very refined, ageable and precise and you can find them on the winelists of the world best restaurants, and with just a small production, demand is always high and they always sell out super fast…

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