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Brut Nature Sans Soufre | Natural Wine by Champagne Drappier.
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Brut Nature Sans Soufre

Champagne Drappier

Good Value Pinot Noir Champagne

€60,00 per litre

Champagne Drappier - a rich family and estate history

The Drappier winery has a rich history - it was established as far back as 1116 by a monk named Saint Bernard, who imported the Morillon Noir grape variety (an ancestor of Pinot) from Burgundy and built many wine cellars - one of which was in Urville. The Drappiers lived next door to this wine cellar and purchased it after World War II, establishing their estate there.

Today, Champagne Drappier remains a true family business, with Michel Drappier in charge of vinification since 1979 and André Drappier (with 74 harvests of experience) still keeping a close eye on the vineyard. The eighth generation look after marketing, viticulture, and farming, with Antoine (the youngest) showing a keen interest in animals and nature - he even ploughs part of the sustainably-farmed vineyard with his horse.

Carbon-neutral makes it even more delicious!

The Drappiers mainly cultivate Pinot Noir (70% of the estate), supplemented by Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and some old grape varieties. In the cellar, the winemaking philosophy is of minimal intervention. Champagne Drappier is strictly opposed to excessive sulfur, and actually use some of the smallest amounts in the Champagne industry. Of course, our favourite is the Brut Nature Sans Soufre which uses none at all, and tastes amazing! An interesting fact: in 2016, Champagne Drappier became the first “carbon neutral” estate in the region - due to things like using solar panels, electric farming vehicles, recycling materials at the winery, and reducing the material needed for bottles by 15%.

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