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Domaine Labet - Macvin Assemblage Automne (one per order)
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Macvin Assemblage Automne (one per order)

Domaine Labet

Epic, heavy hitting spirit

€73,33 per litre
Métis 2020 | Natural Wine by Domaine Labet.
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Métis 2020

Domaine Labet

Unique Labet Blend!

€73,33 per litre
Marc du Jura 2010 | Natural Wine by Domaine Labet
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Marc du Jura 2011

Domaine Labet

VERY strong..

€84,00 per litre

A Jura Gem

Domaine Labet is located in the south of Jura, near Jean-Francois Ganevat and Domaine des Mirroirs. What's interesting is that Julien Labet had to really convince his father (Alain Labet) the natural path was the right way forward when taking over the winery. Now one of the hottest, most in-demand producers in Jura, after your first glass it's easy to see why these wines command a high price. If you see a bottle anywhere, our advice is to get it!

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