La Capitulation Ne Paie Pas MAGNUM (RARE!)

Axel Prüfer
€45,33 per litre

OMG. This is basically the Brutal of Axel Prüfer, as he felt the Brutal name and organisation had lost its sense of place (he actually made one of the first they did!).

It's 9.7% and has a dreamy,light mouthfeel because of this. Subtle hints of rosemary & vanilla essence tingle around cranberry and raspberry undertones. It's beauty is in it's subtleness. Ideal for a sunny afternoon with friends.

VERY RARE. LIMITED TO ONE PER ORDER as only 12 originally available.

Available for same day delivery

We ship every Wednesday. Order by Tuesday 10am.

Axel Prüfer - La Capitulation Ne Paie Pas MAGNUM (RARE!)
€45,33 per litre

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