Assyrtiko Barrique 2017

Domaine Ligas
Grapes: Assyrtiko
Country: Greece
Regions:Greek Macedonia
Wine Type:White
Vintage: 2017
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 14%
€37,00 incl. 19% MwSt GermanyClick to change country.
€49,33 per litre
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Assyrtiko Barrique 2017 by Jason Ligas is a natural wine made in Greek Macedonia with Assyrtiko grapes.

Want an EXCEPTIONAL + very serious wine?

This 2017 Greek wine from Domain Ligas “Assyrtiko Barrique” is an absolute gem, which requires a winelover ready for steady sipping and enjoyment over time with friends, both to let it open up, but also to timely enjoy it’s huge complexity & power. 💪

Armed with noticeable alcohol strength on the nose, this is one of those wines you instantly know on your first smell that’s this is both very serious & very special.... plus before even sipping you just know it will really open up over time, which adds to the excitement when sharing this special bottle!

We promise even the most serious wine geeks will be impressed here ! 🥰

Slightly oxidised and with the right amount of skin-contact, this one features a nice nuttyness alongside lovely touches of oaky vanilla bursts, without being overbearing in any way.
Clearly, a lot of winemaking skill from and knowledge from Domaine Ligas goes into this whole balance of everything going on with this wine, made with the Assyrtiko grape. 🇬🇷

We found touches of sultanas, salt, mild honey, apricot and smoke.

This is a truly special wine, and one those who are experienced with wine will really adore.

For those unaware, Domaine Ligas was created by Thomas Ligas, who experiments in the vineyard and in winemaking since 1988. The vines are planted in the valleys of Mount Paiko, in the old unknown terroir of Pella, 50 km from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. They use chemical-free farming since the 1990s and Permaculture farming since 2007.

You also may recognise the name Ligas from the Sous Le Vegetal project with Patrick Bouju, which was done by Jason Ligas.

New to Greek wine? Here's some basic Greek grape info!

White grape with a powerful, broad aromatic spectrum, vibrant acidity and fantastic minerality. Citrus fruit, stone fruit, fresh flowers and a touch of saline.

Pink-skinned white grape. Can be quite round with more moderate acidity. Tart lemon and apple notes give freshness and a touch of melon for a summery kick.

Greece’s Nebbiolo (to some). Pale coloured which may fool you but the tense acidity and dense tannin structure let you know that there is some power here. Expect red fruit, savoury umami touches and maybe even some dried figs.


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Domaine Ligas - Assyrtiko Barrique 2017
€37,00 incl. 19% MwSt GermanyClick to change country.
€49,33 per litre

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