Riesling "Grittermatte" 2018

Julien Meyer
Grapes: Riesling
Country: France
Regions: Alsace
Wine Type: White
Vintage: 2018
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.50%
€36,00 per litre
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Riesling "Grittermatte" 2018 is a natural wine crafted by Julien Meyer, in the Alsace region in France.

The importer states that Riesing Grittermatte is distinguished on the palate by its lively elegance. Intense golden colour, full-bodied with a dense texture. Slightly citrusy on the nose, slightly herbaceous, with spring-like blossoms. Aromas of apple, orange peel, mint and a hint of curry. A wine with which some Riesling lovers can broaden their horizons!

Patrick Meyer runs Domain Meyer, the vineyards of which he inherited when his winemaking father Julien Meyer passed away. What's unusual to hear in the natural wine world, is Patrick decided to return the vineyard to conventional practices, using lots of pesticides and herbicides as he learnt this is exactly the way vineyards should be treated, having studied at wine school where this was the norm.

Farming sustainably was not the modern way back then... Obviously, he soon realised the issues he had caused with soil and vine health suffering, production of a far lesser quality and with the resulting wines of with no vibrancy or life. He quickly returned to his father's methods and his wines eventually blossomed into living wines. Farming sustainably has given them more expression and depth... and his wines are highly sought after around the world.

He produces 50,000 bottles a year with his 8 hectares of vines.

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Julien Meyer - Riesling "Grittermatte" 2018
€36,00 per litre

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