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With our large range of wines, we understand choosing the right box can be a little overwhelming, especially if you're new to Natural Wines.

We strive to be a webshop with a difference, in many different ways.

So one of the free services we offer is reeeeeeally caring for your order.

We're nice people, and it genuinely matters to us you that you have the best experience with these wines possible! So we're here to help! :)

No matter whether just 3 bottles or 30, if you would like some help choosing, we can set up a custom order just for you and discuss via email.

We'll send over some ideas for you, based on what you tell us below, and once you're happy with the list of wines we recommend, we'll send you an invoice and dispatch them once you have made a bank transfer - rather than buying on the webshop here.

To set up a custom order, please email chris (at) morenaturalwine (dot) com with the following information.

- Amount of bottles you would like

- Ideal budget, including postage.

- Is this order for a party, event or occasion? If so, what type? Formal or informal?

- What wine styles do you usually prefer? (Light juicy reds? Orange wines? Sparkling?)

- Would you like to avoid any types or styles of wine in this order?

- Do you want to be adventurous.. or prefer to play it safe, with cleaner and a more classic style of wines? Maybe a mix?

There are of course, no obligations to order what we suggest. For some queries we may also ask some of our importer friends for a suggestion or two.

There is no charge for this service - we just want to make sure you get the best experience possible. So let's chat !

Chris & Anika


Chris & Anika | MORE Natural Wine