Fall in Love with Strekov 1075 from Slovakia Box DEAL

Grapes: Mixed
Country: Slovakia
Regions: Nitra
Vintage: Mixed
Bottle Size: 750ml
€136,00 €141,70
€181,33 per litre
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Visiting Strekov 1075 in Slovakia is an inspiring visit. Owner Zsolt Suto is a philosophical man, talking slowly with each serious sentence of his giving you food for thought. We say serious, because he’s also a jolly, funny chap who you at once feel at ease with. Firmly set in his chemical-free & holistic principles, as many of the producers on MORE Natural Wine are, somehow Zsolt seems for us to be even more connected in creating a harmonious biodiversity for his vineyard, from animals & vines, even to the people being a part of that ecosystem - of which much of the village actually help tend the vines.

Here we have put together five of our favourite Strekov 1075 wines, although honestly, it's hard to pick favourites, as this whole vintage is truly fantastic.


Porta #8

Pinot Noir 2021


Black Rose Pet Nat

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Fall in Love with Strekov 1075 from Slovakia Box DEAL
€136,00 €141,70
€181,33 per litre

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