Having begun to make wine with his father purely for fun, Claus Preisinger took an early interest in viticulture, but it was not before working with his nearby winemaker Hans Nitthaus that he knew wine was something he wanted to pursue on his own, which led him to his first vintage in 2000. He has since grown the original 3 hectares his father had to now 19 hectares, spread across 64 parcels. 

Widely considered to be the first Austrian winemaker to play around combining Georgian amphorae and skin-contact wine production, Claus Preisinger is not one to shy aware from experimentation and keeps his cellar-intervention to the bare minimum with hardly any sulphur, if any, added to his wines before bottling. 

Claus Preisinger has been certified Biodynamic and is a proud member of both Pannobile and Respekt associations, which calls for the upmost quality in winemaking that expresses true terroir characteristics through Biodynamic practices.

Claus Presinger’s wines vary in price and style. You can find his exceptional Pinot Noir at his higher level and his Puszta Libre at the entry level. Puszta Libre is a wine inspired by the Beaujolais production style, designed to be served chilled. We personally see it as the best value, natural red wine there is available, ever.

Other notable wines you might have seen on your instagram feed include his super fun, colourful pet nat ‘DOPE’ and even his more rare ‘Sunny Cide Up’, which is a co-ferment of apples and grapes, which if you find you really must try!