Thanks for trying a Mystery Bottle!

We hoped you enjoyed the experience?

Could any of you guess the grape?

Perhaps the country?



This wine is the hardest one to guess, we feel, from the set.

It's actually a GREEK WINE.

It's made by Jason Ligas (greek) and Patrick Bouju (french) for a collaboration to make wine on the GREEK island of Samos, which is called Sous Les Vegetal.

They mostly make white wines to showcase the grape 'muscat de petit grains'... but this is the only red wine they make and the grape is very tricky for even professionals to guess, which is Avgoustiatis

We find this wine has an earthyness and depth to it that might lead some blind tasters towards a Jura blend or Alsace wine... did any in your group find this too?

You can find this wine HERE